first post

Well, this is it. My first blog post. I’m not the best writer. Certainly not the best conversationalist. But I’m here to put my thoughts down for all to see, all because I love this and have so many ideas that I want to share!

I love the freeform of blogging and the fact that I can write about what I really want to explore in my time. I love that I can tell the story behind the pictures that I take through blogging and that I can post the pictures of the beautiful people that I am so lucky to meet. I love the sparks of creativity that I feel when I find something that I want to write about. This is all very new, but I hope that you’ll follow along with me as I learn and grow through this wonderful artform!

So, in my first post I thought I would write a little about me.

Name: Payton Drew Meade, soon-to-be Payton Drew Synodis on December 31,2017 (eeep!) See handsome fiance and me dancing above.

Age: 23

Favorite colors: Blush and eucalyptus green

School: Arizona State University alumnus! whoot whoot!

Occupation: Engineer at a medical device company

Dream job: Portrait photographer (specializing in couples!)

Right now, I am an engineer working a desk job 9 hours a day– not exactly what I thought would be in store for me when I started my chemical engineering degree 5 years ago. I was expecting more hands-on work, more collaboration, and more fulfilling interactions as I bring customers the products that they want and need. While I love working on medical devices that save lives, I think that I am too removed from the process as I sit behind a desk and file away at the inner workings of the corporate world.

When I picked up a camera to shoot two of my best friends’ engagement pictures a little over 2 years ago, I felt the rush that I felt with engineering when I was in school. I loved the technical aspects of crafting the perfect lighting and curating poses that looked and felt natural. I felt like I was capturing the love that they felt for each other, and it was so exciting and humbling to be able to witness that! Most importantly, I was so happy to interact with people, hear their stories, and capture their love in a timeless way– through portraits! After many more portrait sessions over the years (both formal and informal), I have found that photography truly makes me happy, because it allows me to make others happy.

I hope that you enjoyed reading a little excerpt about me as my very first blog post! Hopefully this let you see a glimpse into why I love photography so much and why I love to serve others through taking portraits!

See you next time!

xo, Payton