about me.

Payton Synodis Photography is a product of my passion for documenting life through a camera lens! My goal is to help people capture their happiest moments.

Why do I want to do this? Well, 1) I absolutely love bringing joy to other people. I have always loved to serve and help people where I can. Making other people happy makes ME happy, too! It’s great right? I’m lucky that I can be so easily pleased in life.

Reason Number 2: I love love LOVE pictures. Always have, always will. I’ve loved looking at pictures since I was a 90s kid with a 3D viewmaster (you know what I’m talking about– the red slideshow binoculars!). I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a slightly older 90s kid with a disposable camera. I took class after class of photography throughout high school and was always elected to document family outings. When I’m out with my friends, I am also always the one to remind us that we need to take a picture to document the grand activities that we participate in. Overall, I truly believe in the importance of documenting special times in life and have always practiced this belief.

3) Photography is timeless. Memories fade and are thought of less frequently as we get older. Pictures last a lifetime. They remind us of the fantastic milestones in our life. They resurface the raw emotions of the day and time that the pictures were taken. Pictures have the ability to capture and relive the feelings of love, excitement, happiness, surprise… And I love to preserve those emotions so that they can be remembered and passed down.

SO, that is a little about me! I hope that I can serve your photography needs and that you feel similarly to me about photography and its purpose! If you do, I think that we will be a good match. I would absolutely love to serve you and document your special moments.

xo, Payton