monday magic: first edition

Hi everyone! I hope that your Monday is off to a fabulous start! Hopefully by now you’ve had a few cups of coffee and are ready to embark on what could be the best week ever. And if you’re not quite ready to embark on your week, that’s ok, too– Mondays can be tough! I think we can all agree that 7-day weekends and no Mondays would be a great lifestyle.

And that’s where Monday Magic comes in! Every Monday, I’m going to give you a little piece of magic to start your week. This magic will come in the form of motivational posts, pictures, reviews, prints…essentially this will be a creative, fluid artform for you to keep things fresh! The magic that I share will hopefully make you excited about your day, spread some positive vibes, and squash Monday’s bad rep for being a “bad” day.

Now, most of these posts may be about Disneyland and all things Disney-related, because what better way to talk about magic than the magic produced by the Happiest Place on Earth?? However, the overall goal of these posts are to give the week a little kickstart and sprinkle some magic motivation into your Monday; these will help you have your best day, and week, yet!

Sooo, let’s get to it and dive into our first week of Monday Magic!


Have you ever been to Disneyland? If you have, do you notice how everything there seems to be sprinkled with cheer? My fiance and I frequent Disneyland because we love the happy atmosphere and the overall joy that is shared by the people around us when we are there.We are so happy and thankful for the kindness that we receive at Disneyland, and it’s like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses when we are there (literally–see below!).


So, what’s the secret behind this? How can we keep this kind of joyful life when we step out of the perfectly-tailored experience? Well, one thing that we’ve found works in keeping the magic going is being kind to those around us. I know that if you are reading this, you are a kind person– somehow, you’ve stumbled across my page and have taken the time to read this far; thank you SO MUCH for that! You have no idea of how incredibly kind that is of you and how thankful I am that you’ve done this!

Keeping this kind of mindset– both being kind to others and thankful for their actions– and forming the habits of thinking this way can really change your mindset over time; I know that it’s worked for me! So, instead of thinking, “Ugh, another Monday… I don’t want to go to work…”, try to remember what good comes out of work and what you can do to make other peoples’ days. I promise that it will make your Mondays more productive and powerful, and, most importantly, you will become happier! 🙂 Every day can become a Disney day.


So, Monday Magic wrap up: let’s try to be extra kind and thankful for others today. It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day. 🙂


What are you thankful for this Monday? What’s your favorite part about Disney? Comment below and share with me– I’d love to hear!

xo, Payton

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P.P.S. Be sure to tune in later this week for some more details on my engagement-anniversary trip to Disneyland with my handsome fiance, Nick!


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