felicia and kyle

As a photographer, I get the wonderful opportunity to meet the most wonderful people in the most wonderful places. That’s a whole lotta wonderfuls! Life is pretty grand if you ask me.

At my last photoshoot, I was blessed enough to get to glimpse into Felicia and Kyle’s love story. You know that feeling of true love that you see in the movies? The kind that just radiates out of people and infects you with happiness? Well, that’s Felicia and Kyle. They are the sweetest couple, and I was on Cloud 9 while photographing them! On top of that, they were so natural to photograph! They were truly a dream. My favorites are the ones where Kyle made Felicia genuinely laugh (which isn’t hard!), like the one below. Her laugh was so contagious and bubbly– Nick and I were cracking up along with them!


Felicia and Kyle met and both currently reside in the quaint town of Flagstaff, Arizona. They are both engineering majors at Northern Arizona University (NAU)– yet another reason why they fit together so well! Felicia graduated from NAU this past weekend and was offered a job down here in the valley, so she’s going to be packing up her bags for the big move! This was a big source of inspiration for the desert landscape. Graduating from college and heading out into the world is such a big step in life: documenting it for Felicia was the perfect way to make the change start to feel real.


One thing that I can guarantee that won’t get old about the valley are our sunsets. And with that, here are some pictures from my session with sweet Felicia and Kyle! So grateful that I had the chance to photograph them!

xo, Payton




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